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Ryan grew up in the mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona but moved to the city where he married his college sweetheart, earned a second degree black belt in Isshin-ryu karate and made a name for himself in the sales world. He has written over ten books in the post-apocalyptic fiction genreā€”all EMP-based books with a heavy emphasis on big urban action, strong character development and ordinary people surviving at all costs.

Ryan currently lives in California not two hours from Silicon Valley where the rise of both artificial intelligence and quantum computing are making dangerous, nearly ungoverned advances. The strident warnings coming from people like Elon Musk about the lack of regulations in this field have largely fallen on deaf ears. He and others warn of a pending apocalypse. Many of those who are now most vocal already have their bug out locations in place.

An avid reader, researcher and full time writer, Ryan Schow has crafted a rather compelling new version of the apocalypse, one as fascinating as it is informative, frightening and relevant to our times. Both highly acclaimed series put Ryan on the map as one of the newest up and coming post-apocalyptic authors to follow. For more information about Ryan, visit his author page or his website:


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