To submit a CommsConnectUS-Flight Plan

CommsConnectUS – Flight Plan

The name of the person that is traveling
Code name for the person who is traveling. Should we need to send assistance, your Code Name will be your identifier.
Phone number for the person that is traveling
The name and phone number of an Emergency Contact (someone NOT traveling with you) for this trip
The starting location for this trip.
The destination for this trip
The route for this trip
If you have CommsConnect Assist Zello channel.
If you are licensed Ham Operator.
As a participant in the CommsConnectUS- "Traveler Program", I, (named below), (hereafter known as "CommsConnectUS-Traveler") understand and accept that this services is voluntarily accepted and administered. CommsConnectUS-Traveler understands that CommsConnectUS, DD12, DD12 Post Apoc Army, Lisa Akers individually, Scorched Earth Publishing, LLC, or their heirs and heirs associated companies (hereafter referred to as assignees) do not guarantee safety or accept responsibility for the ComssConnectUS-Traveler's safety during CommsConnectUS "Traveler" service cycles. By submitting this "Flight Plan" and signed Release, Traveler releases all identified assignees from any liability and address to HOLD HARMLESS, all assignees, and hereby acknowledges and accepts the terms as outlined above.
Signature of "Traveler"
Date of acceptance