Welcome to DD12-CommsConnect

DD12-CommsConnect was created in order to provide an added layer of security, protection, and accountability, for members of our DD12-Family, by providing an intact Communications system, even when conventional systems are compromised, or down. Diminished communications can be the result of anything from a large scale natural/manmade disaster, to a lone DD12er travelling through remote areas of the country with diminished or no cell phone coverage.

The DD12-CommsConnect program is really quite simple, but powerful. It is based upon alternative “Comm-Links” that interface our NON-HAM DD12ers into our DD12-HAMNet of licensed dedicated HAM Operators in times of need. Once alerted to an “EMERGENCY REQUEST,” our HAM-Ops will attempt to provide whatever assistance possible, using a multitude of available resources, including, but not limited to:
– Other DD12-HAMNet Operators.
– DD12-State Chapter Leads, Core Group Members, and, the DD12-Army.
– Other established HAMNets, Search and Rescue groups, emergency services, EOCs, etc.

Primary aspects of DD12-CommsConnect:

DD12-HAMNet Assist – The portal(s) upon which DD12 members interface with our DD12-HAMNet to post or submit “EMERGENCY REQUESTS.” It includes both, Active (Zello), and Passive (Facebook Messenger Group) monitored Comm-Links. “EMERGENCY REQUESTS” can also be submitted via other means (phone, text, etc.).

DD12-HAMNet – Our nation-wide network of over 70+ licensed dedicated DD12-HAM Operators, who monitor the DD12-HAMNet Assist Links for “EMERGENCY REQUESTS” {This Team grows daily, so dig out your Baofeng, go get YOUR HAM license, and join the DD12-HAMNet Team!}.

DD12-“FlightWatch” – Monitoring of DD12ers in transit while on extended road trips (especially involving DD12ers traveling alone, travelling through isolated or remote areas, or traveling through areas of diminished cell coverage, etc). DD12-“FlightWatch” consists of both, Active (periodic check-ins), and Passive (call if needed) Flight Plans. To initiate a DD12-Traveler “Flight Plan,” contact me, James White. All DD12-FlightWatch Travelers are code named for the PerSec of the DD12-Traveler.                     Take me to the DD12-FlightWatch page.

DD12-State Chapters/Leads/CGMs, and Army – Our 5,000 strong Army of “boots on the ground,” should their assistance be needed.                                    Take me to the DD12-State Chapters page.

DD12-Operations: These are extended Operations due to the size, scope, longevity, or complexity of an event (Regional/national incidents, natural or manmade disasters, etc).

DD12-Missions: Missions differ than Operations, in that they are NOT extended exercises, but are short term, or smaller in size, scope, or complexity (i.e., DD12-Traveler “Flight Plans,” welfare checks, message relays, etc).

Since its inception, less than a month ago, the DD12-CommConnect program has already successfully accomplished:
– 2 Operations (Hurricane Florence, and the Massachusetts Gas Fires).
– 1 Missing DD12er search/locator “EMERGENCY REQUEST” Mission (In Hurricane Florence’s impacted area).
– 11 DD12-FlightWatch Missions (including one “EMERGENCY REQUEST” in remote British Columbia).

The objective of DD12-CommConnect is NOT to take the place of any Emergency Service, agency, 9-1-1 system, or even AAA, and assistance is not guaranteed. But, it IS intended to provide DD12ers the peace of mind of knowing that there is a nation-wide network of 5,000 brother and sister DD12ers who are standing by, ready, willing, and able, to offer assistance, if/when it is needed.

My most sincere thanks to the members of the DD12-HAMNet Core Group, our cadre of dedicated DD12-HAMS, our many DD12-State Chapter Leads, Core Group members, and the DD12-Army, for making this project work!!

May DD12 always watch each others’ “Six”!

James “Mike” White
National Director
DD12-Member Programs